The Giant Trevally is a large fish that is often targeted by fishermen.

In-Game Description

"This large, silvery fish swims in groups when young, but can live alone once mature. It has great strength and is popular with fishermen."


Endless Ocean 2

Small groups of Giant Trevally can be found at coordinates C-4 and D-5. These groups, however, are not schools, and the fish swim independently of each other.


These giant fish swim around slowly and with no observable pattern. They like being offered food, but they have to trivia information to unlock, so feeding them has no particular benefits (except making the fish happy).


  • As these fish age, it is typical for their reflective silver colour to darken and tarnish into a nonreflective black colour.
  • Despite their somewhat unassuming appearance, these fish are actually apex predators in the majority of the environments that they inhabit. They typically eat smaller fish as their prey, but molluscs, crustaceans, and cephalopods also make up a large part of their diet.
  • When hunting in real life, these fish have been known to apply some rather clever strategies, like following around Monk Seals to capture any prey that escapes from the grasp of the seal, among other techniques. They can hunt alone or in groups.

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