The Goblin Shark is a type of deep sea shark that lives in the deep, dark areas of the ocean.

In-Game Description

"The front of this creature's head is elongated, giving it a monstrous appearance It is white with a hint of pink, and when it dies it becomes red due to congested blood. As time passes,it eerily changes to a chestnut colour. It feeds on creatures of the ocean floor, protruding its jaws and swallowing down prey. This is when it looks especially monstrous."


Endless Ocean

A solitary Goblin Shark patrols the floor of the Abyss, the area known as the Graveyard, at night.

Endless Ocean 2

After the main storyline, a small group of these can be found in the Pillars of Shadow area, but only at night. The player can also encounter a pair of them during a part of the main storyline in the Celestial Mausoleum.


Endless Ocean

The only Goblin Shark in the first game swims slowly around the Graveyard, staying close to the ocean floor. It likes being offered food and stroked. It often swims through the ribcage of the whale skeleton that adorns the area.

Endless Ocean: Blue World

In this game, the Goblin Sharks are hostile and will attack the player if approached. They are often in the company of their older and more grotesque cousin (story spoilers). They can be placated for a short amount of time using the Pulsar, but they shake off its effects rather quickly.


  • The Goblin Shark is the only living member of its taxonomic family, Mitsukurinidae. This family of sharks goes back about 125 million years and, as such, this shark is often called a "living fossil".
  • In real life, the goblin shark only protrudes its jaws while feeding. In addition, there aren't any reports of Goblin Sharks attacking humans or being aggressive towards them in real life. This is likely because they live only in the deeper parts of the ocean and are actually rather rare sightings.
  • This creature's long snout actually serves a purpose: it is covered in tony sensory organs that allow it to pick up the electrical impulses its prey sends out.
  • This species of shark actually has comparatively flabby body and small fins. This might be due to the high pressure of its deep-water environment.


  • A Goblin Shark in the Whalebone Chasm
  • A Goblin Shark in the Pillars of Shadow
  • A Goblin Shark in the Aquarium


The Goblin Shark, Disturbing One of a Kind Footage

The Goblin Shark, Disturbing One of a Kind Footage