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Goblin Shark
Type of animal: Shark
Species: Mitsukurina owstoni
Length: 3.5 m/11 ft 6 in
What it looks like: An ugly shark with goblin-like teeth and nose
Location: The Abyss (EO), Cavern of the Gods (EO2)
Forms: Adult only

The Goblin Shark is a type of deep sea shark that lives in the deep, dark areas of the ocean.

In-Game Description

"The front of this creature's head is elongated, giving it a monstrous appearance.

It is white with a hint of pink, and when it dies it becomes red due to congested blood. As time passes,it eerily changes to a chestnut colour.

It feeds on creatures of the ocean floor, protruding its jaws and swallowing down prey. This is when it looks especially monstrous."


Endless Ocean

The Graveyard (Whalebone Chasm) in the Abyss at night.

Endless Ocean 2

Cavern of the Gods (Pillars of Shadow)


They silently patrol their locations and will attack in Endless Ocean 2.


  • In Endless Ocean 2, you interact with two of these in the Cavern of the Gods the main plot. After re-opening, the same two (along with the Okeanos Guardian) patrol the Pillars of Shadow at night only.
  • In Endless Ocean 2, These are dangerous and can shake off the pulsar effects quickly.
  • They are only found at night in both games
  • Its quite popular with fans for its bizzare looks.
  • In real life, the goblin shark only protrudes its jaws while feeding. In addition, there aren't any reports of Goblin Sharks attacking humans or being aggressive towards them in real life.


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