The Goby Shrimp (Alpheus Rapax) is a small shrimp with asymmetrical claws that lives on the seafloor and forms a symbiotic relationship with several species of goby.

In-Game Description

"This mottled shrimp has one large and one small claw. The large claw can produce a noise so loud it can even stun nearby prey. Each goby shrimp digs a nest in the sand and forms a symbiotic relationship with a goby fish.

[Sounds Delicious]

These shrimp are loud enough to be detected by submarine sonar. The noise made by their large claw sounds like deep-frying food, so it has been called the “frying noise”."


The Goby Shrimp can be found under zoom-mode glows in Ciceros Strait on the sandy parts of the seafloor, scattered around coordinate areas C/D/E-3 and G-6.


These small crustaceans are found paired with one of the several types of goby that the player can find in Ciceros Strait. They will slowly move out of their den in the sand before quickly retreating back into said den, and will retreat for a longer period of time if poked or petted. They can be lured out again with food.


  • This creature's trivia can be obtained by feeding it.
  • The Alpheus genus of shrimp has over 250 species of shrimp in it, making the Goby Shrimp part of the most diverse genus of shrimp in the world.

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