Golden Artifact

The Gold Artifact, known as the Golden Statue in the American release of Endless Ocean, is a scattered salvage item found in the Ocean’s Graveyard/Ship’s Rest. After finding all of the pieces, Katharine will re-assemble it and say:

“This is really old! Wow...And it’s in really good shape, too. But other than that, I don’t know much about old artifacts like this. Maybe there’s a museum that would be interested in it. I’ll ask around. For now, let’s keep it somewhere safe. You know, when I was a kid I had a statue like this. Well, kind of like this. Actually, it was a little bigger. And fatter. Actually, I don’t think it was like this one at all. ...Sorry, I’m totally rambling. I’ll stop. ...I wonder where I put that statue?”

In the player's footlocker aboard the Gabbiano, the in-game description for this object reads: "A small, golden artifact. It looks quite valuable."


The four parts to the Statue are found in the Ocean's Graveyard as follows:

  • H-4, 20 meters/65 feet (on top of the broken mast)
  • F-4, 36 meters/118 feet
  • F-4, 23 meters/75 feet
  • I-6/7, 40 meters/131 feet

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