The Golden Catfish is a legendary Pirabia Catfish. After giving the Servant's Ring to the Piraiba Catfish in front of King Amaru's Aqueduct, it will have turned pure gold and become this legendary creature. Jean-Eric remarks that it would be the kind of fish GG would be.

Whenever players return to Spirit Falls, this legendary creature will still be there more often than not, though it is replaced by a normal catfish occasionally. It is unknown when this occurs.

In-Game Description

"This golden hue is not a mutation or camouflage, it is real gold! To be precise, there is a fine layer of gold dust covering this fish's entire body. Gold dust is known to lie on the riverbed of the Amazon and other rivers in the region.

This fine powder is eaten by micro-organisms and insects and builds up inside the bodies of other animals as it goes up through the food chain.

The golden catfish simply exudes the gold through its skin.

[The Cortica Gold Rush]

Panning for gold dust in the Cortica River region became so popular at one time that it was called the Cortica Gold Rush.

There was a rumour in the mining community at the time that a golden fish lived in the river. The rumour grew until every miner turned his hand to fishing in the hope of catching this golden fish. No one was lucky enough to catch it, and the story was eventually forgotten.

This might just be the fish they were all searching for."


Endless Ocean 2

Once the Servant's Ring has been fed to the normal Piraiba Catfish, the Golden Catfish can be seen upon the player's return to Spirit Falls.


It swims around in a leisurely fashion. Its trivia is obtained by taking a high-quality picture of it.


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