Golden spade fish 1

The Golden Spadefish is a small type of coral reef fish


In both Endless Ocean games, these are never found as adults, only as young ones

In the first game, these are found all over the Manoa Lai sea

In the second game, there are fewer of these, only found in the Cavern of the Gods in the Altar of Horus (a bunch of Asian Sheepshead Wrasses are seen here)


They just swim around

In-Game Description

The young of this species have very long dorsal and anal fins and a number of black rings. However, when they reach maturity, their fins become shorter and their rings disappear, leaving them as plain silver fish.

What Do They Look Like?

The shape and markings of young fish may help them. They sometimes swim alongside dead leaves and wood floating along the surface to make themselves harder to find.


  • Not hard to find in the first game at all
  • Even in the second game, they are hard to miss, as a group float in front of the statue in the Altar of Horus


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