Golden Trevally
Type of animal: Fish
Species: Gnathanodon speciosus
Length: 1.2 m/3 ft 11 in
What it looks like: A large, yellow fish
Location: Wild Channel (EO), Gatama Atoll (EO2)
Forms: Adult only

The Golden Trevally is a large fish.

In-Game Description

"Easily recognised by its dazzling gold colouring, adults are over 1m in length but their tiny young are easy prey for other fish. The young protect themselves by staying close to larger creatures, such as sharks, who find them too small to eat.

They do sometimes get eaten by the larger fish, so they're never completely safe."


Endless Ocean

Some can be found swimming around Wild Channel.

Endless Ocean 2

These can be swimming throught Gatama Atoll and Zahhab Region


They swim as solitary animals, though in Zahhab Region, these can be swimming around the Whale Shark with Remoras and Pilotfish.


  • These can be found day and night in both games.

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