The Goldeye Rockfish is a small fish seen in both Endless Ocean games that prefers to live in somewhat deeper waters.

In-Game Description

Endless Ocean

"These gentle fish have narrow, spindle-shaped bodies with large eyes. Predominantly red and black, they are easily identified by their white bellies and sharp underside spines. They can be seen year-round in relatively deep areas."

Endless Ocean: Blue World

"This fish is easily identified by its pale red body and large eyes. It hatches its eggs inside its body, and its young are released only when they have grown to about five millimetres. they spend their first 120 days floating among drifting seaweed, after which they are able to live near the seabed. They move farther into the depths as they mature."


In the first game, these can be seen in the Abyss, mostly in the daytime. In the second game, there is a shoal living in Deep Hole, and they are seen almost everywhere in Ciceros Strait.

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