The Goldtail Demoiselle is a common, tiny fish with the scientific name Chrysiptera parasema that is found in both games.


Endless Ocean

"These fish have narrow, elliptical bodies with short snouts and small mouths. They are a brilliant lapis lazuli blue with a yellow tail. They can be seen year-round at coral reefs all over Manoa Lai."

Endless Ocean 2

"As its name suggests, this fish’s blue body is adorned with a yellow tail area. It spawns on rocks and coral. The male will protect and care for the eggs until they hatch, using its tail to fan oxygen to them. Despite its small body, it will risk its life to protect the eggs when an enemy approaches."


Endless Ocean

Groups of Goldtail Demoiselles can be found everywhere throughout the Manoa Lai Sea, both under zoom-mode spots and out in the open.

Endless Ocean: Blue World

These small fish seen all around Ciceros Strait and Valka Castle, both under zoom-mode spots and out in the open, just like in the previous game.


These tiny fish like being fed and stroked. They swim around aimlessly, with no real pattern, but they will swim towards any food in the vicinity at a high speed. Because this fish has no trivia information, it's impossible to know how unlocking it would go, but it can be assumed that feeding it would do the trick, as is the case with most small fish that have trivia information in their Blue World bios.


  • Other common names for this fish include Yellowtail Damselfish, Yellowtail Blue Damsel, and other variations.
  • This fish, due to its bright colouration and small size, makes for a popular aquarium fish among those who keep saltwater aquariums.
  • These fish have colour-changing cells, called chromatophores, that allow them to change colours. For instance, when stressed, they may shift their colour to become darker in order to converse energy.
  • In the wild, these fish are omnivores, feeding on plankton, algae, and small crustaceans.

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