Whalebone Chasm 2

The whale skeleton that gives this area its name.

The Graveyard, known as the Whalebone Chasm in the North American release of Endless Ocean, is a shark-filled area at the bottom of the Abyss characterized by the skeleton of a large whale. This skeleton gives the area its name and it is unknown from what species this skeleton originated, though speculation exists that it is, or was, somehow related to the Ancient Mother. Its ribs form an alleyway that is patrolled by Bluntnose Sixgill sharks and a single Goblin Shark at night. Sea Pigs also take up residence in the skeleton, feeding presumably on the dead matter that settles on the ocean floor. Nearby, a fossil is embedded into the wall, likely a remnant of a creature from the long-extinct plesiosaur family.

Whalebone Chasm 1

The hydrothermal vents to the East of the whale skeleton.

Here, late in the storyline, the player's dolphin partner finds a biological sample from an unknown whale species that helps them and Katherine locate the Ancient Mother.