The Gray Whale, also spelled as the Grey Whale, is a large whale species that only appears in the second Endless Ocean game.

In-Game Description

"This whale is grey with white and orange spots. These spots are not patterns on the whale's skin, but groups of corn barnacles or the parasitic whale louse.

[Mothering Instincts]

Their annual migration covers some 20,000km, said to be the longest of any mammal.

In the winter they move to their breeding grounds where females give birth to a single calf. The mother whale stays close to the calf while rearing it and will protect it with no consideration for her own safety, even taking on whaling boats."


Endless Ocean 2

Gray Whales can be found in a large group in the Zahhab Region, with their area of habitation spanning coordinates C-5, D-5, C-6, D-6, and D-7, mostly swimming over the Twin Crevasses.


These whales stay together in a loose group of three or four. The player can obtain their trivia by using the Sea Whistle in their general vicinity.


  • The Gray Whale is one of Jean-Eric's favorite creatures.
  • Though these creatures do make an annual migration (as noted in the creature's trivia), there are several groups that also chose to stay put at several points along the migration path. These are known as "resident whales".


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