Mandarin fish

A Green Mandarin Goby AKA Mandarinfish

The Green Mandarin Goby (known as Mandarinfish in Endless Ocean 2) is a small fish found in or near coral reefs.


In Endless Ocean, these can be found in the Lagoon.

In Endless Ocean 2, these can be found in Gatama Atoll.


These little guys are seen under zoom-mode spots and swim idly around, usually alone. Occasionally, they are seen with another fish or creature, like a sea slug.

In-Game Description

This fish is a vibrant yellow-green with blue flowing lines all over its body. It lives in the crevices of branch coral and males compete violently for territory and females, biting each other when fighting.

[New Face in a Familiar Family]

In 2005 a new genus in the mandarinfish's family, callionymidae, was discovered in a lake in Cambodia. Although many fish are discovered every year, it is extremely rare to find a new genus. It was first seen outside of the lake being sold in a nearby market place, which makes the discovery even more astonishing.


  • They can be found day and night in both games.

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