The Green Sea Turtle is a species of marine reptile. It is generally considered the most popular and most easily-recognized out of all turtle species.

In-Game Description

Endless Ocean

"Its head, legs and tail protrude out of an oval-shaped shell and it has a length of 2m.  Its front legs are elongated and shaped like fins, while its jaw is serrated.  Its body is dark green with a light yellow underside.  Can be seen around Manoa Lai all year round."

Endless Ocean: Blue World

"It has a carapace made up of a central line of five hardened scales with four more on either side, and its legs are shaped like fins with the forward pair longer than the rear.

Unlike land-based turtles, it is unable to draw its head and limbs into its shell.

[Turtles and Humans]

This turtle is very well known in certain parts of the world and is sometimes caught for food, but its numbers are dwindling and it is at risk of extinction. There are many causes for this, most of them are related to human activity.

Turtles are caught for food or taxidermy or killed as bycatch, there are fewer spawning sites due to levees, eggs are illegally harvested and turtles killed after eating polluted food. They are also affected by a disease known as fibropapillomatosis."


Endless Ocean

A Green Sea Turtle can be seen at the Wild Channel, swimming with the resident North Atlantic Right Whale, as well as one seen patrolling the area around Mermaid Tunnel. They appear in a scarce few other places aside from these, such as one that can occasionally be found patrolling the area in front of Comb Reef, but the former two are generally considered the easiest to find.

Endless Ocean 2

Several turtles can be seen throughout Gatama Atoll, and some float over the Long Fissure in Zahhab Region.


Green Sea Turtles can be found swimming alone, or in small, quite spread-out groups. In the second game, the player can obtain their trivia information by taking a quality picture of one.


  • Crush, a character in the Disney/Pixar film Finding Nemo, is a green sea turtle.