Gungnir is a legendary creature that appears in Endless Ocean: Blue World.

In-Game Description

"This monstrous sailfish is the talk of fishermen throughout the South Pacific. He is sly and ferocious and swims several times faster than any normal sailfish.

A number of fishing boats have been damaged when he rammed them. Some fishermen tried to catch this monster, but they fell victim to his attacks instead.

He is called Gungnir after a magic spear in Norse mythology.

[Mutation? Genetic Disorder?]

There are cases of unusual physical characteristics that can only be described as mutations, but Gungnir's fundamental body structure is the same as that of any normal sailfin.

His muscles are over-developed, probably due to a genetic defect sometimes found in dogs or cows where a gene suppressing muscle growth is deficient, but this has not been confirmed."


Endless Ocean 2

Gungnir can be found in Ciceros Strait's North Canyon area, swimming among the other sailfish that make their homes there, but only during the daytime.


Gungnir swims about with no particular pattern, but at a very fast speed. The player can obtain his in-game trivia information by taking a picture of him.


  • The legendary spear that this sailfish is named after was owned by the god Odin, and it was made by Dwarves, who are renowned for their craftsmanship skills in many mythologies..
  • The word "gungnir" translates from Old Norse into English as "swaying one".


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