The Guppy is a small, colourful species of fish found in tropical freshwater environments.

In-Game Description

"This fish comes in a wide variety of colours and attractive tail shapes, and remains one of the most popular aquarium fish. Selective breeding has produced many different shapes and colours, but these fish are not a new species. Regardless of their appearance, they are all guppies."


Endless Ocean 2

Guppies can be found under zoom-mode glows in the Cortica River's Upstream area, at coordinates B-3 S, B-2 W, B-1 SE, C-1 SE, D-1 SW, and C-2 NE.


These small fish can be found in small groups of two or three under a zoom-mode glow. Their two colours, blue and red, are not given separate entries in the Marine Encyclopedia, so focusing on either example will give the player the same information.

These fish are usually seen only with other guppies under their glows. However, in the Twilight Temple, they are sometimes sharing their zoom-mode spot with an Altum Angelfish or two.


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