The Hand Mill is a one-time salvage item in Endless Ocean 2. When the player scans it using the Multisensor, it is shown to be made of stone and high-density materials.

In-Game Description

"Looks like an ordinary hand mill, but maybe it was used to grind salt."


This object is a one-time treasure, found by using the clues in the "Salinity-Testing Results" rumor. The player can locate the item itself in Gatama Atoll's Doughnut Reef, at coordinates G-2. However, this treasure rumor is only active after a certain point in the Pride of the Salvage King quest.

Appraisal Reward

The appraisal reward for finding this item is nine-thousand and nine-hundred pelagos. Nancy Young also gifts the player a statue of a Mermaid, which the player can use to decorate their Private Reef.


  • Though this item may not seem to be anything special, if it is an antique item, it could easily fetch a high price if sold, as antique mills for coffee and flour can reach prices of hundreds of dollars. As well as this, hand mills were not usually used to grind salt, but instead usually grain or similar materials. Because salt used to be such a valuable commodity, a salt mill would be uncommon, meaning that this item earns extra value for its rarity.

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