The Harlequin Sweetlips is a fish seen in both Endless Ocean and Endless Ocean: Blue World. It is a very small fish, only seen under zoom-mode patches, and has the scientific name Plectorhinchus Chaetodonoides. Its trivia is obtained by feeding it.

In-Game Description

Endless Ocean

These fish have narrow bodies and two-pronged tail fins. Juveniles are orange with seven large white spots framed in black. They can be seen year-round at coral reefs all over Manoa Lai.

Endless Ocean 2

Young fish are dark with seven large, black-rimmed white spots. As they grow, spots the same colour as the main body start to appear inside the white ones as they expand, and eventually they become pale fish with many dark spots.

[Mimicking mimicry]

The young fish’s undulatory swimming is thought to be an attempt to mimic the flatworm. Flatworms are believed to imitate the movement of sea slugs, but it’s not clear if either of these theories are true.


These small fish are seen all over the place, usually in coral reefs, in the first game. They are found scattered around Valka Castle in the second game.


These small fish swim about in their strange, flowing manner under their resident zoom-mode patches. They are sometimes seen with other fish or the occasional sea slug, or with others of their kind, and they like being fed and petted.

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