The Harp Seal is a marine mammal found only in Endless Ocean 2. Its scientific name is Pagophilus Groenlandicus.

In-Game Description

"Its name comes from the harp-like pattern on its back. Pups are completely white, like many other seals that live on drift ice."


This creature is particular to Endless Ocean 2. Groups of them can be found around the Southernmost ice hole in the North Coast of Canada during the day, moving to land during the night. Once it is discovered, it can be placed in the Aquarium and viewed from there.


They stay in small, tight groups beneath the ice hole, supposedly to have access to oxygen whilst hunting. Specimens on land will respond well to being fed or petted, and are often seen with pups.


  • The pattern on the seals' back more closely holds the shape of an ancient Greek Lyre than a conventional modern-day harp.
  • The easily-visible pattern on the seals' back.
  • A real-life Harp Seal pup, renowned for their cuteness. D'aww, look at the little guy!

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