The Humphead Wrasse is a large, blue fish that prefers to make its home around coral reefs.

In-Game Description

"Weighing up to 200kg, this is the largest of all wrasse. It has a distinctly shaped hump on its head and a pale, complex colour pattern. Females are whitish and have a smaller hump, and young fish have black lines behind their eyes.

It normally lives independently around coral reefs, but many gather together during the breeding season.

[Decreasing Numbers]

The humphead wrasse is extremely popular as an aquarium fish and also in demand from shops and restaurants. But they are overfished because of their popularity, leading to a drop in numbers and international conservation efforts."


Endless Ocean

Solitary Humphead Wrasses can be seen in all areas of Manoa Lai all year round. One of the first that the player can encounter is seen in the Coral Forest, close to the entrance to the Lagoon. It is a creature that divers touring that area commonly request to see.

Endless Ocean 2

These can be found in various parts of Gatama Atoll. There is a pair of the Wrasses that can always be seen swimming around the Deep Hole Entrance.


They swim solitarily and slowly, like their cousin the Asian Sheepshead Wrasse, with the exception of the pair at the Entrance. They like being fed and petted.


  • The two models for this fish in each game are slightly, but noticeably, different.
  • This creature is listed as endangered. Threats to its population include overfishing for the food market, over capture of juveniles for the marine aquarium trade, and habitat destruction.
  • Other common names for this fish include Napoleonfish and Maori Wrasse.


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