There are several ice caves in the Weddell Sea, several of them with salvage items inside, along with plenty of zoom-mode spots.
Ice Cave

The entrance to one of the caves.

Lower Ice Cave 1

This cave is rather large in actuality, and is located at coordinates C-2NW, at a depth of 33 meters, or 108 feet. Within it, a salvageable Large Container is found.

Lower Ice Cave 2

Also located at C-2, but at a depth of 50 meters (164 feet), Lower Ice Cave 2 is a bit smaller than Lower Ice Cave 1 and contains no remarkable things.

Lower Ice Cave 3

This is one of the more important Ice Caves, as it leads to the Crystal Globe and the Hall of Radiance. A large crack on the Southern side of the biggest iceberg leads directly to this cave.

Higher Ice Cave 1

Higher Ice Cave 1 is found at C-1 and a depth of 22 meters, or 72 feet, and is quite small. Within, you'll find a Small Box and the Virgo Coin.

Higher Ice Cave 2

Located at 22 meters, like HIC1, this cave quite big, more of a dead-end tunnel. A zoom spot in it contains several Sea Angels. When you use the Multisensor, you'll most likely find a Large Barrel. The Neptune Coin is found here as well.

Higher Ice Cave 3

Higher Ice Cave 3 is found at a depth of 21 meters, or 69 feet. Within it, if you use the Multisensor, you'll most likely pick up a Large Crate.

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