Ice berg cavern 1

The Iceberg Cavern is a location in the Weddell Sea in Endless Ocean 2. It is a giant cavern inside Special Iceberg A sm-16p with plenty of crystals. It is unknown if it is erosion or animals which created this cavern.

What sounds like The Song of Dragons is heard in the Weddell Sea, and it eventually leads the diver and Hayako Sakurai into this cave.

Lower Ice Cave 3


Lower Ice Cave 3.

This is the entrance to the cavern. It is on the southern tip on Special Iceberg A sm-16p. A long fissure on the southern side leads down to the cave opening. When divers swim through, the come into this magnificent cave.

Crystal Globe


Crystal Globe

As its' name suggests, this is one large area with crystals everywhere. Players swim into here after going through Lower Ice Cave 3. Another opening where players swim through is blocked off by huge crystals the first time through. The crystals are soon removed, thanks to a leopard seal who happened to be swimming around that area. Another tunnel is revealed, and the divers swim up it.

Players swim up that tunnel, where several small fish and even coins are found, and that tunnel leads up to a huge area in the cavern.

Hall of Radiance


The Hall of Radiance.

This is an enormous expanse filled with small crystals and even large ones that look like pillars holding up the cavern. Lots of antarctic silverfish are seen swimming around this area, and small zoom-in points reveal bald notothens and even a few coins.


The first time through, "The Song of Dragons" turned out to actually be a spectacled porpoise crying for help. It is assumed that the porpoise lost its' way and ended up trapped inside the cavern. When that porpoise is healed you befriend it, making it your second dolphin partner (and the only other mandatory one). Then the real Song of Dragons is heard, causing the players to swim back outside to the Weddell Sea.


  • After the main storyline is completed, a couple more leopard seals are seen inside the Hall of Radiance, and later, Leo is seen in here as well.


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