Inscribed Nephrite

The Inscribed Nephrite is a salvage item located in Marige Atoll. It has four pieces, scattered all around the map, both inside and outside of the ruins.

In your footlocker, the Nephrite is described: "A tablet inscribed in old, arcane writing. Closer inspection reveals two different languages on it."

After finding all of the pieces of Nephrite, the player will be able to partially decipher the Stone Monuments situated around the map.


The locations of the four Nephrite pieces are:

  • E-4, 21 meters/68 feet
  • Central Hall, 27 meters/88 feet
  • H-7, 22 meters/72 feet (There are two pieces in the Prince's Room)


  • Nephrite also makes an appearance as a salvage item in Endless Ocean: Blue World, though it does not have as much significance in that game as the Inscribed Nephrite does in Endless Ocean.
  • Nephrite is one of the two kinds of stone that is also called "jade". The other mineral with the common name "jade" is jadeite.

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