The Japanese Cormorant is a seabird that can be found in Endless Ocean and its sequel.

In Game Description

Endless Ocean

"These birds have long necks, sharp beaks that curve slightly at the end, and webbed feet. They are black with a green lustre and may appear on your boat from time to time."

Endless Ocean: Blue World

"This long-necked bird is black with a green luster. Its feathers have a low fat content, which means they cannot repel water but instead soak it up, making the bird heavier and better suited to diving. It is normally too heavy to fly after diving, so it has to let its feathers dry off first. It may even fall from the sky if it rains, so its feathers could be called a double-edged sword. It also swallows its prey whole.

[Special Helpers]

Japanese Cormorants have been used for traditional Japanese fishing. The tradition is known as ukai. This specific species is used to catch ayu, a small fish."


Endless Ocean

Japanese Cormorants frequently fly in to land on the railings of the Gabbiano, the player's boat. They do not usually fly away when approached, making them a rather simple addition to the Marine Encyclopedia.

Endless Ocean: Blue World

A small group of these seabirds can be found in Gatama Atoll at F-5, diving in the water, and G-5, on shore. They are also seen in the Zahhab Region, only at coordinates B-1 on land. These groups of birds will only appear during the daytime.


These Cormorants are easygoing and are not easily spooked by the player, meaning that they are easy to approach and obtain information on. They like being offered food (in the second game especially).

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