The Japanese Sardine (Known as the Pacific Sardine in the North American release) is a small fish that swims in schools. 

In-Game Description

Endless Ocean

These fish have long, skinny bodies with two-pronged tail fins. They are typically blue with bright white bellies. Somewhat shy, they can be seen swimming in schools around Rock Bluff during the winter.

Endless Ocean 2

This long, slender fish has a silver underside and blue back with lines of black specks running along its body. It migrates in huge schools, ranging from tens of thousands to one hundred million fish.


In the first game, these are often seen in Mo'ia Atoll during the Spring and Autumn.

In the second game, these are seen throughout Zahhab Region.

The time of day or night has no effect on these fish and they are present at all times in both games.


These fish group together in medium-sized shoals and move around at a medium speed.

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