The John Dory (scientific name Zeus Faber) is a small fish seen in both installments of the Endless Ocean series.

In Game Description

Endless Ocean

"These fish have flat, round bodies and dorsal fins that elongate into thread-like spines. They are silver with white-framed black spots on each side of their bodies. They can be seen year-round in underwater caves."

Endless Ocean: Blue World

"This face has a distinctive long face and a targetlike pattern of concentric circles on its side. This kind of pattern is normally found away from the center of the body so that the fish will not be fatally wounded if it is attacked. However, the John Dory’s pattern is in the center of its body; it may be used to scare off predators by imitating the eye of a much larger fish."


Endless Ocean

Small groups of John Dory can be found in underwater caves, most prominently the Great Aqua Cave, where shoals of them are scattered about.

Endless Ocean: Blue World

In the second game, these fish can be found scattered in small groups all throughout Ciceros Strait, but only at night.


When swimming, these fish move about at a relatively slow speed and stay together in somewhat-tight groups. This species of fish can be befriended by petting them and feeding them in both games. However, they lack trivia information in the second game.


  • Despite this fish's spiny and somewhat unappealing appearance, it is commonly recommended by chefs, as it makes for a delicious fillet. However, it is more popular in the UK and New Zealand than it is in the US.
  • Another common name for this fish is the St. Peter's Fish. This is due to old legends stating that the black spots on its sides resemble the fingerprints of Saint Peter.


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