Kai Tua Meeting Place

Kai Tua Meeting Place  is a small landmark in Endless Ocean,The Meeting Place, known as Kai Tsuo Gathering in the European release of the game, is a moderately tall rock formation protruding from the seafloor with a sandy top. It is somewhat nondescript and may take players who don't know what they're looking for some time to find it.

Local Life

The top of the Meeting Place is covered in corals and inhabited by a myriad of small reef fish, like Oriental Butterflyfish and Sea Goldies. However, no other notable sea life makes its home on or near this landmark.

Location and Geography

The Meeting Place is located at coordinates K-5 (near Sunshine Beach and Wild Channel) in the Manoa Lai Sea. It is not marked on the main ocean map, and thus may take some exploration before the player is able to locate it. This may be a bit difficult, but if the player swims back and forth somewhat near the surface of the water all throughout the K-5 coordinate box, they may be able to locate it once the text indicating that the player is near it pops up.