The King Angelfish (Holacanthus passer) is a small species of coral-reef fish.

In-Game Description

"Adults are dark blue, but young fish are bright yellow with pale stripes. Their name is fitting, as they have a crown like pattern on their heads."


Endless Ocean 2

Groups of King Angelfish are found in three maps in Endless Ocean: Blue World:


These fish float about in medium-sized, slowly-moving groups.


  • These can be found day and night in all areas, except in Ciceros Strait, when these are only seen during the daytime.
  • In real life, these fish are often coveted as aquarium fish, though they are difficult to take care of due to their pickiness when it comes to diet preferences, and do not socialize well with other fish that may be in the same tank as they are, often bullying them.

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