King Gigide is a legendary albino caiman. He only appears in Endless Ocean: Blue World

In-Game Description

"This is the crocodile that appears before you as if called by the Caiman Relic. The people of the Cortica region say that a wind god was exiled from heaven and settled in the Cortica River, and he sometimes appears before humans in the form of a gleaming reptile. If the person is good, he grants them health and long life but if the person is bad, he immediately devours them. This god is known as King Gigide and he has faithful followers even today.

[The Evil King]

In the language of the ancient culture of the Cortica area, 'Gigide' is related to the words for left hand, the East, Atlantic Ocean, morning, and birth. Local worship of the rising sun may also come from these legends. Similar stories exist all over the Amazon River basin, including one from the Gorgonian region about Gagadi, associated with the right hand, the West and death. These stories of an evil deity directly contrast with those of Gigide, and are currently being researched."


King Gigide is a legendary creature that only appears after being summoned by an item called the Caiman Relic. The Relic can be found in the Zahhab Region's Stone Castle, and once it has been found, your notebook will start a quest called "King Gigide". When the player returns to the Twilight Temple, King Gigide will have appeared, and a cutscene showing him swimming out of the Sacred Chamber will play before the player can focus on him.


He swims around the Twilight Temple and the Sacred Chamber. Feeding him will unlock his trivia.

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