Kraken Jr. is a small giant squid found in the Cavern of the Gods. It is categorized as a legendary creature, despite having no real distinctions from a normal giant squid besides perhaps being the child of the mythical Kraken.

In-Game Description

"A young giant squid, probably the child of the huge one that lives at the bottom of the crevasse. It should be able to grow up safely in the ruins where there are almost no natural predators. So maybe in a hundred years it might grow into the monster of Zahhab, pulling its victims to their sad fate in the depths.

[The Kraken]

One of the most famous of all unidentified sea monsters is the Kraken. There are countless tales of giant octopi or squid attacking ships, dating back hundreds of years.

According to one theory, tales of a greedy beast that breathes a foul stench do refer to giant squid. A large percentage of a giant squid's body is made up of ammonia, which explains its' unique breath."


He circles around in the Altar of Isis in the Cavern of the Gods, but only reappears after the Cavern has been re-opened. The exact coordinates are A-3 sE and B-3 S.
Endless Ocean Blue World How to Find Kraken Jr00:34

Endless Ocean Blue World How to Find Kraken Jr


He swims idly around the room, seeming to have no particular pattern or goal to his movements. The player can obtain his trivia information by feeding him.


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