The Lacerta Coin, one of the one hundred Constellation Coins that can be salvaged in Endless Ocean: Blue World, can be found in the Upstream section of the Cortica River, on the floor of King Amaru's Aqueduct. The coin's zoom-mode patch is on the floor of the corridor, at co-ordinates B-2, and also has two red Guppies in it.


  • The Lacerta constellation, engraved upon this coin, was meant to represent a species of newt or lizard.
    • The biggest stars in said constellation form a shape similar to that of the constellation Cassiopeia, and thus this constellation is occasionally referred to as "Little Cassiopeia".
  • Lacerta is Latin for "lizard", and as such there is an entire genus of lizard with that name, including the European Green Lizard, the Iberian Emerald Lizard, and the Balkan Green Lizard.

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