The Leatherback Turtle is a type of sea turtle that is renowned for its size.

In-Game Description

"The largest turtle in the world, it has large fins and a dark leathery back with several ridges instead of a hard shell.

The total population is small, and they are considered an endangered species.

[Turtle Without a Shell]

This species has a flexible skin on its back instead of the hard shell other turtles have. It is thought to have had a hard shell millions of years ago that disappeared in the course of its evolution."


Endless Ocean 2

Two Leatherback Turtles can be spotted in Gatama Atoll: One at coordinates F-7, in the water, and one on land at coordinates G-8.


The one in the water swims about, slowly patrolling the area it lives in. The one on land is stationary and doesn't do much moving. The player can get the trivia information from either individual by giving it food.


  • The individual of this species seen on on land is only there at night. It replaces the Pelago Crocodile that is seen during the day. It presumably comes here to lay its eggs.


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