An example of one of the legendary creatures, a Singing Dragon.

Many legendary creatures are seen in both Endless Ocean games. There are only two in the first game, but there are more in the second game. In Endless Ocean 2, they can be found in the Other Fauna section of the Marine Encyclopedia. You can tell which ones are legendary as they have no scientific name. This rule comes with the exception of a few, which have the same scientific names as the creatures they're based off of. They cannot be placed in the aquarium (except the Ancient Mother in the first game, after completing your encyclopedia) and your tour guide clients cannot see them, as they disappear during guided tours in both Endless Ocean games.

Endless Ocean

Ancient Mother/White Mother-This large creature is said thought to be a new species of whale and is at the end of the story's main plot. Seen at the Great Drop-Off.

Magu Tapa- A giant Great White Shark that appears in the Ocean's Graveyard all year round and only at night, after the player retrieves the Shark's Tooth Necklace from Knives Reef. He was replaced by Thanatos in the sequel.

Endless Ocean 2

Ice Cupid- A giant Sea Angel under a glow in the North Coast of Canada

Ailouros Pearl- A white Box Crab found under a glow in Valka Castle

Grave Keeper- A huge Giant Isopod seen in the Twin Caves, located in the Southern Crevasse of the Zahhab Region Depths.

Gungnir- A fast and colorful Indo-Pacific Sailfish found in Ciceros Strait, around North Canyon in the daytime

Phantom- A jet-black Manta Ray found in the Mermaid's Ballroom in Valka Castle at night.

Apollo- A gold Ocean Sunfish found at Deep Hole at night. 

Lady Dorthea/Divine Gift- A giant and colorful Great Sturgeon found around the wreck of the Flamingo in Ciceros Strait (where a group of Great White Sharks lurk)

Golden Catfish- A golden Piraiba Catfish found at Spirit Falls in the Cortica River Upstream after feeding the Servant's Ring (Found in Valka Castle) to the normal catfish swimming there.

Pelago Crocodile/Paoul Crocodile- A Prehistoric Crocodile found on the land area oh H-8 in Gatama Atoll in the daytime, after seeing it through the telescope on Nineball Island.

King Gigide- A white Spectacled Caiman found inside the temple in the Cortica River Upstream, after finding an odd item called the Caiman Relic in the Zahhab Region.

Mama Cortica- A giant Amazonian Manatee seen in Queen's Lake when it's raining in the Cortica River.

Leo/Arthur- A giant Leopard Seal in the Iceberg Cavern.

Snowball/Snowy- An albino Rockhopper Penguin found on the A-4 ice hole during a snowstorm in the Weddell Sea, first encountered during a photography mission.

Big Bobby- A huge, man-sized Emperor Penguin with brown feathers, first encountered during a mission and afterwards found on the A-4 shore area in the Weddell Sea. He disappears temporarily when snowstorms occur.

Kraken Jr- A little Giant Squid found in the Cavern of the Gods in the Altar of Isis.

Living Fossil/Emperor- A giant Coelacanth found in the Cavern of the Gods in the Pillars of Shadow. He disappears at night and is replaced by Okeanos's Guardian.

Cacao Maharaja/Cocoa Maharaja- A giant Leatherback Turtle found in Gatama Atoll in the daytime only.

Thanatos- a huge, jet-black, dangerous Great White Shark that attacks the player character early in the storyline. Afterwards, it can be seen patrolling the Wreck of the Emerald Lady in Ciceros Strait and outside Valka Castle, where he cannot be focused on.

Black Harbinger- A jet-black Humpback Whale found in the Spring Garden of Gatama Atoll during a Spring Tide on the morning or night of a new moon.

Leviathan- An albino Sperm Whale found in the Super Drop-Off of Zahhab Region in the daytime only.

White Mother (Ancient Mother on US version)- An albino Blue Whale seen in the North Coast of Canada after receiving a strange whale ornament on the beach near the bonfire on Nineball Island.

Singing Dragon- A new species of whale seen at the end of story's main plot. After that, they are seen in the Cavern of the Gods in the Pillars of Light, during the daytime only.

Okeanos's Guardian/Okeanos' Guardian- An enormous, grotesque species of Goblin Shark that was bred by the Okeanides to guard the Cavern of the gods. One individual attacks the player in the final climax of the game's story. Afterwards, it is found near the Pillars of Shadow in the Cavern of the Gods, at night only.

Anomalocaris- A prehistoric Arthropod, seen swimming outside of Valka Castle's windows, where it can't be focused on. The first time you see it, you get both its info and trivia.

Cameroceras- A prehistoric orthocone (or "straight-shelled nautiloid") cephalopod, seen outside Zahhab Region, where it can't be focused on. The first time you see this creature, both its information and trivia are added to your encyclopedia.

Sea Serpent- What is thought to be a prehistoric plesiosaur, seen outside or Ciceros Strait at the South Canyon, where it can't be focused on. Similarly to the Cameroceras and Anomalocaris, you receive all of the information on this creature the first time you see it.


Several players have criticized the legendary creatures in both games because they are often simple resizes and/or alternate colors of normal animals. Others have noted that they bring an extreme lack of realism to an otherwise scientifically accurate game. In the first game, there was a large criticism in the fact that Legendary Creatures could be placed in the aquarium, but only after you had completed your marine encyclopedia in its entirety, with all of each creature's information.

Endless Ocean 2 legendary creature walkthrough06:18

Endless Ocean 2 legendary creature walkthrough

A video explaining the location of each creature.

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