Leo (otherwise known as Arthur) is a legendary Leopard Seal that appears in Endless Ocean: Blue World

In-Game Description

"This is the king of all leopard seals in the Weddell Sea. A mysterious wisdom shines in his eyes and he has the strength of a veteran of countless battles.

He is named after the legendary King Arthur who was fabled for his courage, strength and honor.

[Leopard Seal Army]

The most powerful and daring of all the seals, leopard seals will often act individually without needing to form a group.

Recently, observers in the Antarctic have reported leopard seals acting and hunting as a group under the influence of a boss seal, almost certainly the Leo Maxillosus."


Endless Ocean 2

This creature can be found swimming inside of the Iceberg Cavern's Hall of Radiance, but only after a certain request has been fulfilled.


Leo swims about the cavern in a leisurely fashion, accompanied by two other leopard seals. The player can obtain his trivia by poking him.

How to Find him

Players must wait until they get a special request titled "Strange Animal in Antarctica" in their notebook, which is only unlocked after the completion of the main storyline. When they get it, they must go to the Weddell Sea, following the instructions the quest gives them, and Leo is easily spotted once they reach the area that he inhabits.

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