The Leo coin is one of the one-hundred Constellation Coins that the player can collect in Endless Ocean: Blue World. This coin in particular is notorious amongst players because of how strangely difficult it is to locate.

This coin can be found under a zoom-mode glow at coordinates B-2 in the Cavern of the Gods, in the room that houses the Pillars of Shadow. However, this coin is an oddity in that it is located near the top of the pillar there, rather than on the floor of the room (like most of the other coins are). This has made it difficult for players that don't know exactly what they're doing to locate the Leo Coin.

Under this coin's zoom-mode glow, there are also a pair of Cinderella Sea Slugs that seem unperturbed by their location at the top of a high pillar.

The Leo Coin is also one of the twelve Constellation Coins needed to complete the Signs of the Zodiac quest.


  • The Leo constellation is meant to represent the Nemean Lion, a lion whose golden fur was impervious to mortal weapons, who was killed by Hercules as the first of his fabled twelve labors.
  • In the night sky, the constellation engraved upon this coin is bordered by Cancer to the West and Virgo to the East.
  • Leo is Latin for "Lion", predictably enough.

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