The Leopard Seal is marine seal found in the Antarctic Ocean in Endless Ocean: Blue World.

In-Game Description

"Known as the sea leopard on account of its black spots, its diet is varied and includes penguins, fish, squid and young seals.

They are also said to relentlessly chase humans. Whether this is because they think the person is prey or if they are just curious is unclear, but it's best to be cautious."


Endless Ocean 2

Leopard seals are seen in the Weddell Sea, in the Northwestern area of the map. Some of them also surface at the D-1SE area.

Several are also seen in the Iceberg Cavern, including the legendary individual known as Leo (or Arthur, in the European version of the game). 

Story Relevance

[WARNING: This section contains spoilers relevant to toe main story of Endless Ocean: Blue World.]

When the player and Hayako travel to the Weddell Sea, they will hear what they think is the Song of Dragons emanating from a cave in the largest iceberg in the area. The player and Hayako will enter the cave to investigate, finding the area known as the Crystal Globe. There, they will encounter their first Leopard Seal, which is swimming about peacefully. When Hayako notes that the way further into the cavern (which appears to be far larger than they first thought), she suggests to the player that they find a tool or some way to unblock the tunnel that leads further into the cavern. The player should then use the Dragon Flute. The song should drive the Leopard Seal mad and, after several tries and when the player is in the correct position, dodging out of the way out of the charging creature will allow the seal to break the crystals blocking the way. The player will then swim through the tunnel, finding the Hall of Radiance and thus the source of the false Song, as well as more of these creatures and the legendary leopard seal, Leo (also known as Arthur). 


These creatures swim about slowly in loose groups, scattered among the other creatures that inhabit the area alongside them. They like it when the player pets them, and they also like being offered food.


  • This species of seal is the second-largest to inhabit the Antarctic (the largest being the Southern Elephant Seal).
  • The Leopard Seal is the only species in the genus hydrurga. The name hydrurga means "water worker" and leptonyx (the second half of its scientific name) translates from Greek into "small clawed".
  • This species of seal is actually one of the most vocal. It actually hangs upside down underwater and rocks from side to side whilst singing.
  • The Leopard Seal is second only to the Orca when it comes to being the top predator in Antarctic waters. It mostly feeds on the smaller Antarctic Fur Seal.


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