The Leopard Whipray is a large species of ray found in that makes an appearance in both of the games in the Endless Ocean series.

In-Game Description

EO: "These fish have flat, elliptical bodies with long tails that end in a poisonous spine. They are generally light yellow on top and white on the belly with leopard-print spots on the back. They can be seen year-round in underwater cave structures.

The most distinctive feature is their tails, which can measure up to twice the length of their bodies. They spend most of their lives buried under the ocean floor and are not particularly active fish."

EO2: "This species can be recognized by the leopard pattern on its back. Its tail is twice as long as its body, and has a poisonous stinger at the tip.

It is not very active and spends most of its time buried in the sandy sea floor.

[Sharks and Rays]

Sharks and rays are both cartilaginous fish. Rays, including this species, may have divided off from sharks and adapted to living on the sea floor.

Rays have large brains relative to their body weight, and are considered smarter than the average fish."


Endless Ocean

Several solitary Leopard Whiprays can be found swimming close to the ocean floor in the Wild Channel.

Endless Ocean 2

These are found around coordinates C-5, D-3 and D-4 in the Zahhab Region, swimming close to the sandy areas of the seafloor.


these rays swim slowly in small circles close to the ocean floor, flapping their fins in protest with poked or petted. They like being fed.


  • The young of this species (which do not appear in either game) have a far different colouration to that of the adult rays; when born, they are grayish or brownish, with a row of dark spots on either side of the tail until a certain point, beyond which rings of light and dark colour alternate. However, both the young and adult rays are uniformly white on the belly.


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