The Leviathan is an abnormally large, legendary Sperm Whale with a unique all-white colouration.

He has a reputation for being violent and aggressive. Despite this, he does not actually pose any danger to the player and can be interacted with safely.

In-Game Description

"This albino sperm whale has a particularly violent temperament and has been seen attacking and capsizing fishing boats.

Known in these waters as the White Terror, it is despised by local residents. An old fisherman who pursued it reported seeing this whale defeating an orca, normally its predator.

Considering that albinos are usually weaker than other members of a species, you can see just how powerful and aggressive this animal is.

[The Captain's Grudge]

One captain in the Zahhab Sea has been hunting the White Terror for years. He lost his only son when their boat was capsized by Leviathan, and has been obsessed with hunting the white whale ever since.

But will his quest for revenge ever end?"


Endless Ocean Blue World how to find the Black Harbinger and Leviathan

Endless Ocean Blue World how to find the Black Harbinger and Leviathan

Endless Ocean 2

The Leviathan is found in Zahhab Region, in the area known as the Super Drop-Off, just east of the Cavern of the Sun, about 50-60 meters down. While he is only found in the daytime, he is nonetheless one of the easier legendary creatures to find.


This creature travels at a slow pace, making a leisurely circuit in the open ocean. Contrary to his dark reputation, he does not harm the player, and he can even be ridden on. This may be because he specifically targets ships, or because the player is not enough of a threat for him to mind them - or just because the player is too small of a target to be considered worth attacking.

The player can obtain his trivia information by calling to him with the Sea Whistle.


  • Leviathan is named after the biblical sea monster described in the Old Testament (in The Story Of Jonah and Job). His appearance and back-story, however, are inspired by the titular whale of the famous novel "Moby Dick", about a captain with an all consuming vengeance for an especially violent all-white sperm whale. Further support for this can be found in the many scars on Leviathan's snout.


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