Jewel of Life 1

A small bead made from nephrite, known as the Jewel of Life in the American release of the game. Obtaining this unlocks the befriendable Orca in Ocean's Graveyard/Ship's Rest during the daytime.

In-game Description

After discovering the bead, Katharine will tell you the following:

"You found the Jewel of Life? This strange little stone is actually a gem. It was a popular accessory in ancient Japan. Ancient Pelagoans also used a similar  accessory. There’s actually a legend about them. It goes like this... Long ago, there was a goddess of storms and battles. And she had many priestesses who served her. They all wore jewels like the   one you just found. This goddess was closely tied to the orca whale. Maybe you can befriend orcas if you wear it!"

Jewel of Life 2

In your footlocker, the Life Beads are given the following description:

"A tear-shaped nephrite jewel. Further inspection reveals that it might be carved to look like a shark."


There are three crudely-carved stone faces in the Ruins at Marige Atoll/Mo'ia Atoll, at map coordinates I-5 and a depth of 16m, or 52ft. In front of the middle face is a zoom-mode patch that is home to the Life Beads.


You will receive an email from Alfred after uncovering 80-90% of the main map. Only after receiving this email will you be able to find the Life Beads.

  • Email: Strange Ceremony

    It seems you are really throwing yourself into your work recently. Remember to take care of your health - this is your most important resource! That reminds me of a ceremony people in the Paoul Republic have taken part in since time immemorial.
    They pray to the storm god for good health and even for immortality before a rock shaped like a human face. It's just a superstition, but take note of it anyway. You never know when this information might come in useful.

Or, alternatively, in the US release:

  • Email: Rituals and Rest Good day. It sounds like you are really working hard these days. Be sure to rest every now and again. Everyone needs to recharge. Such things remind me of the time-honored Pelago ritual that is said to grant health and vitality. Supposedly you stand before a "crag shaped like a face" and offer thanks to the god of storms.