The Little Penguin is the smallest species of penguin and is found in both games.

In-Game Description

"The smallest of all penguins, weighing just over 1kg. It has long and short calls which can be used to mark territory and communicate with or identify other penguins.

While other species walk upright, this species walks leaning forward and so is thought to be more primitive."


Endless Ocean

They occasionally appear on the deck of the boat after a dive.

Endless Ocean 2

These are seen in Gatama Atoll, around G-5 and H-1 onshore or in the water.


  • This is one of Hayako's favorite creatures
  • In Australia, Little Penguins are often called Fairy Penguins because of their small size. New Zealanders more commonly call them Little Blue Penguins or simply Blue Penguins, owing to their blue feathers. The indigenous peoples of New Zealand, the Māori people, know it as the Kororā.


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