The Living Fossil (known as the Emperor in the European version of Endless Ocean: Blue World) is a giant and legendary Coelacanth.

In-Game Description

"This coelacanth is unbelievably large. Who knows how many years it took to reach this impressive size? Looking at it makes you feel the weight of the ages and even a sense of timelessness. The feeling of solemnity leaves you in no doubt that this is the emperor of those living fossils, the mighty coelacanths.

[Mysterious Species]

The coelacanth was thought to have become extinct during the Cretaceous period, 65 -140 million years ago. How was this fish able to live through the worldwide extinction which wiped out the dinosaurs, and then survive for tens of millions of years without being discovered?"


Endless Ocean 2

This creature can be found in the Cavern of the Gods, at coordinates B-2 (southwest), in the Pillars of Shadow.

How It's Found

The only difficult part in finding the Living Fossil is re-opening the Cavern of the Gods. It does not appear during the first time the player enters, but there are no other prerequisites to being able to find this creature other than having re-opened the Cavern.
Endless Ocean Blue World how to Find the Living Fossil

Endless Ocean Blue World how to Find the Living Fossil


It swims around slowly with the other Coelacanths in the Pillars of Shadow.


  • It is found day and night, although it is harder to find at night, due to the highly aggressive goblin sharks.
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