The Long-Spine Porcupinefish is a small species of porcupinefish that can be found in both Endless Ocean games.

In-Game Description

Endless Ocean

"These fish have large eyes, small mouths, and round bodies covered in spines. They are generally light-brown on the back and white on the belly. They can be seen year-round when they approach your boat."

Endless Ocean: Blue World

"Round and covered with countless long spines, this fish has an endearing face with a small mouth and big eyes. Its distinctive long spines evolved from scales.

[Countless Needles]

Although it is not poisonous like other blowfish, it has a distinctive means of self-defence. It swallows a large quantity of water, swelling its body and causing the spines that normally lie flat on its body to stick up. Once it has gone into this defensive posture, a predator cannot attack without being pierced by the spines.

It has 400 - 600 spines, so it's probably a waste of time trying to count them."


Endless Ocean

A single Long-Spine Porcupinefish can often be found under a zoom-mode glow near where the player has parked The Gabbiano. Sometimes, a glow with one of these fish in it will appear on the underside of the boat directly.

Endless Ocean 2

These small fish appear in Ciceros Strait, around coordinates C-2 and F-5.


These small creatures float around slowly and seemingly aimlessly. They puff up their bodies with poked or prodded, but they respond well to being fed.


  • In Endless Ocean 2, the creatures under the zoom-mode glow at coordinates C-2 are risky to attempt to find, as Great White Sharks patrol that area during the daytime. However, at night, the sharks move, leaving that space open to safely explore.


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