The Luminescent Sea Slug is a small species of sea slug found in both games.

In-Game Description

"This translucent white sea slug is covered in random brown and yellow splotches. It may not look like much, but it shines with a beautiful pale blue light when stimulated.

The significance of the light is unknown. They are normally found near reefs and sometimes bury themselves in sand."


Endless Ocean

These are seen in the Wild Channel and Deep Valley and can occasionally be seen in Marige Atoll, on the "roof" of the structure.

Endless Ocean 2

These are seen in the Spiral Tower in Valka Castle, in zoom-mode glows on the floor.


There can be found 1-3 under a glow at one time under a glow. They glow when poked or petted, and like being fed.


  • This is one of Oceane's favorite creatures.
  • This creature can be very elusive in the first game in a similar manner to the Yatabei Blenny.

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