A Butterfly of the sea....Lion Fish

In real life

The Luna Lionfish is a small fish found in coral reefs or other fairly sheltered areas, seen in both games.

In-Game Description

"Large, long dorsal and pectoral fins let this fish move gracefully through the water. However, these fins are poisonous and extremely dangerous even if brushed against.

[Highly Poisonous]

When the luna lionfish feels threatened, it erects its fins and moves towards its opponent to intimidate it.

Needlessly frightening this creature can result in being stung by a poisoned fin, followed by extreme pain and an inflamed wound."


Endless Ocean

One can be found close to the entrance of the Green Garden area, one near the southern tip of the Great Drop-Off, and another swimming around Dolphin Rock in Sunshine Beach. There is also a small group of four or five that can be found lounging about in a small alcove around coordinates E-3.

Endless Ocean 2

Seven can be found in the Valka Castle area: three in each of the two rooms prior to the Underwater Gallery, and one in the Mermaid's Ballroom, "guarding" the prince's throne.


These don't move around a lot, and simply float around in loose groups. However, in Endless Ocean 2, they are dangerous, removing one bar of air when made contact with, but they are not aggressive.


  • Despite being labeled as "poisonous", these fish are actually venomous, the difference being that poisonous fish are dangerous to eat or ingest, whereas venomous fish have dangerous bites, stings, skin, etc.


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