The Lupus Coin is one of the one hundred Constellation Coins needed to complete the Voice of the Night Sky quest in Endless Ocean: Blue World. It is not necessary for any of the sub-quests, but you will still need it to complete your coin collection. It can be found near the Zahhab Region's Cavern of the Gods; however, it is not inside the temple, but there is a ledge on top of the Stone Cavern Entrance, upon which there is a zoom-mode glow. That glow contains this coin, as well as a few Southern Orange-Lined Cardinalfish.


  • "Lupus" is Latin for "wolf".
  • Lupus was considered by ancient Greeks to be a wolf about to be killed by the neighboring Centaurus, a hunter who carries a bow and arrow.
  • The Lupus constellation could also be based off of an ancient Babylonian figure known simply as the "Mad Dog": A creature with the head and torso of a man with the legs and tail of a large predatory creature (The character used in the name of the creature simply means "large carnivore"; wolves, lions, and dogs were all included).

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