The Lynx Coin is one of the one-hundred Constellation Coins in Endless Ocean: Blue World that the player can collect in order to complete the Voice of the Night Sky quest. It can be found in the Gatama Atoll area at coordinates F-3, on top of a tall piece of green plate coral in the south-western quadrant of the coordinate square.

Under the zoom-mode spot where this coin can be found, several juvenile Sailfin Tang make their homes.


  • Rather obviously, the Lynx constellation is named after the genus of cats that shares its name.
  • This constellation was formed to fill the blank gap in the night sky between the constellations Auriga and Ursa Major.
  • The Lynx constellation supposedly got its name because of its low brightness. This is because of the fact that cats, with their notoriously good night vision, would be able to see it easily. Humans, however, require either very sharp eyes or the aid of a telescope to pick out the constellation in the night sky.