The Mahi-Mahi is a large species of saltwater fish that appears in both of the Endless Ocean games. Well-known for its beautiful, shiny green-blue colouration and distinct face shape, Mahi-Mahi fish are common targets for sport and commercial fisherman. Its meat is also known to be high-quality.

In-Game Description

"This fish has a dark green back and a shiny silver and gold underside. As males mature, their foreheads protrude out to form their characteristic face. When they die, their body turns pale and loses its shine. They live near the surface and are often found under flotsam.


Mahi-mahi can reach speeds of up to 60km/h when chasing prey such as flying fish. Even when flying fish try to escape by jumping out of the water and gliding, mahi-mahi have been known to jump as high as six metres to catch them."


Endless Ocean

Shoals of Mahi-Mahi can be found in Mo'ia Atoll, but only during Autumn. As such, players should not search for them all year round in vain, and should instead reserve their search for the fall months.

Endless Ocean 2

These can be seen around Ciceros Strait and Valka Castle. In the latter, they mostly inhabit the Underwater Gallery and Mermaid's Ballroom areas.


Found in loose, small-to-medium sized groups, these fish swim slowly and in no particular pattern, posing no threat to the player whatsoever. The player can unlock their trivia information in the second game by feeding them.


  • These creatures are classified as a species that is not in danger of becoming endangered or extinct anytime soon. This is a good thing, considering that they are very popular targets for commercial fishermen.
  • Another common name for this creature is the Common Dolphinfish, or simply just "dolphinfish", despite it having no relation to any species of dolphin whatsoever. This fish is also sometimes known as the Dorado, but there is a freshwater fish (also appearing in Endless Ocean: Blue World) that is commonly called the Dorado, so Mahi-Mahi made more sense.
  • The word "mahi" means "strong" in Hawaiian, and as such the name "mahi mahi" translates to mean "very strong".


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