Mahla Bao's Jaw

Mahla Baoh's Jaw (called The Chin of Maala Pao in the North American version of Endless Ocean) is a small, rather hidden garden of soft pink corals found to the south of the Manoa Lai Sea.

Local Life

The Jaw inhabited by a myriad of small fish, including but not limited to Bicolor Parrotfish, Green Chromis, and Longnose Butterflyfish. Right next to it, two giant clams are situated. A zoom-mode spot in front of the Jaw has a Moorish Idol, a Festive Sea Slug, and a Bicolor Angelfish.

Another form of sea life that is of note here is the unusually large amount of soft pink corals that the player can find in this location. Other locations with a similar amount of this coral include the Mermaid's Grotto and the Bond of Creation, making this area one of very few where the player can find these corals.

Location and Geography

The Jaw is located between co-ordinates C-8 and D-8 and a depth of roughly 15 feet, or 4.5 meters. There is nothing of note here but for the unusual amount of the pink corals and the odd recess in the rock where the Jaw is found.