Cortica River Mangrove Maze 2
The Mangrove Maze is an area in Endless Ocean: Blue World's Cortica River map. True to its name, it is an area filled to the brim with twisted mangrove trees that are all growing fairly close next to each other, which is where the 'maze' part of this location comes in; the close, crowded proximity of all of the trees with roots extending underwater makes the Mangrove Maze a somewhat difficult area for the player to make their way through. However, despite the labyrinthine structure of the local flora, this area is rather small, so the player will most likely not have much trouble at all finding their way out.

Despite its small size, however, the Mangrove Maze is home to other threats, specifically in the form of Electric Eels that make their homes all along the path. These eels, because they live primarily in freshwater environments, are highly resistant to the effects of the Pulsar; this is because the Pulsar was made to be used mostly in saltwater environments. However, if the player takes care to avoid these creatures, they will not aggressively attempt to engage the player, unlike the other dangerous creatures in the river, the Spectacled Caimans and Red Piranhas.

Cortica River Mangrove Maze 1
Other creatures that live here include the large and imposing Arapaimas, Tambaquis, and the occasional Butterfly Peacock Bass. However, these creatures pose no threat to the player and thus can be observed safely.

Though other salvage items can be found here, the two major treasures include one pertaining to a rumor about a skull that leers from the mangrove trees at night and one connected to the legend of a dark god that lives in the murky depths of the River.