Manoa Lai Sea 1

The Manoa Lai Sea (Manaurai Sea in the European version of the game) is the area in which Endless Ocean takes place. This sea has a massive array of marine life, both fish and land animals, and has a greatly varying terrain, from forests of coral formations to giant crevasses over 500 feet deep. The Manoa Lai Sea is also home to two mythological creatures, one of which is the main focus of the game's storyline.


There are 14 diving locations around the map:

There are several ways to get to more "hidden" locations around the map. The most anomalous of these is the Pirate Ship, which moves around frequently:

Then, after these, there are locations that are unmarked on any map. However, when you enter the area that these landmarks are in, the name of the landmark will show up on the bottom right corner of your screen:

However, these are just the unmarked landmarks on the main maps. On the three other side maps, there are multiple other unmarked locations:


There are just under 50 treasures to be salvaged in the first Endless Ocean, found in many different locations and some even in multiple pieces. There is an almost-complete list of these treasures that can be found here, along with their locations. There is the occasional reward for finding a treasure, like suits, hairstyles, or even just an interesting bit of information.

Legendary Creatures

There are two legendary creatures in the first Endless Ocean:

The White Mother, who is the source of the storyline. The entire aim of the main Endless Ocean's story is to find this mythological bigger-than-a-blue-whale whale, who looks very similar to a Blue Whale, though she is larger. She makes an appearance in the second game as well, but in an entirely different kind of habitat. As opposed to the tropical waters that she inhabits in the first game, she appears in EO2 off of the North Coast of Canada, under the Ice Mosaic...

and Magu Tapa, the big and aggressive Great White lookalike. This oversized shark is said to embody a destructive god who was locked away in the sea with a mischievous god assigned to guard him. He does not harm the player (the dangerous animals mechanic was not implemented until the second game), but he does thrash around a bit if you poke him. He did not make an appearance in Endless Ocean 2, but EO2 does have a very similar creature: the violent and easily-aggravated shark known as Thanatos.