The Marbled Piranha is a small freshwater fish found only in Endless Ocean: Blue World. Unlike its relative the Red Piranha, it is completely harmless.


"Many piranhas have attractive colours or patterns, like this one with its bright red fins and scattering of black dots. they are widely kept as aquarium fish."


These are seen in the second game only, in the Cortica River Midstream, A-4NE, D-3NE, C-3NW, D-2SW and C-2NE, under zoom-mode spots.


These small fish swim about in small groups of two or three, and respond positively to being fed, though it won't do anything more than garner a bit of a reaction, as this creature has no trivia attached to its basic information.


  • In real life, though this fish is small, it will attack smaller fish and crustaceans. It also eats fruits from the surrounding tropical forest, meaning that it is an omnivore.
  • In real life, this fish is a solitary species, and is never seen in schools, unlike several other species of piranha.

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